Anjali Touch Therapy

A whole body massage to give you a relaxing and comfort feeling. Your therapist will give you the ultimate experience of traditional Balinese technique massage to indulge yourself into the complete sensory experience in ancient healing traditions. This full body treatment relieves tense muscles using long, firm strokes to rejuvenate the body use herbal oil and send positive energy throughout your body.

Awakening Massage (30 min/person Rp184K )

Our awakening massage will soothe your strained and tired muscles part of your body delivered by... View More Enquire Now

Revitalizing Body Treatment

Boreh is traditional spiced body scrub that have been used by Balinese people from a long time ago. Boreh with a paste of consistency, is made of natural ingredients which is a combination of powdered sandalwood, whole cloves, ginger, cinnamon, rice powder, turmeric root and nutmeg, all ground in a mortar and pestle combined with water to make a thick consistency. The spices within boreh create a heat sensation. All the ingredients made this exotic fragrant and is great for relieving strained muscle, increasing blood circulation and giving relaxation. Treatment begins with whole body massage, continued with exfoliation the dead skin using boreh scrub. Ended your treatment with relaxing flower bath.


The term Lulur refers to the Javanese term meaning “to coat the skin”. It was traditionally part of the pre-wedding ritual for Javan... View More Enquire Now

Anjali Signature Ritual

Experience our signature Anjali exotic massage. Your treatment begins with 70 minutes combination between aromatherapy and Balinese full body massage using good quality of honey heated on the aromatherapy furnace until just below boiling point then drizzled all over your body while warm, ease all of your exhaustion. Continue by 20 minutes head massage using heated honey with technique that resemble ayurvedic massage, provides relaxation and toxin elimination for you. After relaxing your strained muscle, you will get a face rejuvenate treatment of 20 minutes face massage using heated honey then followed by natural face mask with combination of honey and organic egg white, to minimize the signs of anti aging. Your journey will be ended with 15 minutes flower bath using the combination of betel leafs, lemons, and flower petals gives you such an amazing scent to your body.

Bali Exotic Touch Massage (120 min/person 980K)

Indulge yourself with 50 minutes full body massage with heated aromatherapy oil (drizzled o... View More Enquire Now

Anjali Couple Indulgence

Experience a king and queen treatment with our Honeymoon Massage. The royal remedy deliver by our professional therapist give you such a comforting and peaceful sensation. To make it more a nobility like, you will be placed side by side with your love one in a suite room. Full body or traditional massage, Balinese lulur, milk body massage and flower bath will provide a wonderful pleasure. The sensation of warm exotic spices in Balinese lulur and skin nourishing milk bath being drizzled all over your body creates a fantastic and magnificent relaxation.

Romantic Massage (60 min/person, 2 persons 990K)

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Foot reflexology massage creates a deeply comforting sense. This massage not only helps to relieve sore ankle or plantar fasciitis, but also other foot pain. Reflexology works on a principle that all body organs are connected to the reflex point on feet, by stroking to the right point, it flows a positive energy throughout your body. You will be pampered in such a relaxing hand reflexology and manicure treatment. Treat your tired hand with gentle strokes in several points in your hand and ease your mind. Then you will feel gorgeous after the manicure treatment with your favorite nail polish applied on your fingernails.

Foot Reflexology (60 min/person 270K)

Foot reflexology massage creates a deeply comforting sense. This massage not only helps to relieve so... View More Enquire Now

Manicure Padicure

Have the classic look of French Manicure for day and night for your nails with pink and white color or have different variations instead, we have so many options you can choose, from elegance to the classic french look, or sophisticated manicures, the options are endless. Give your nails a new look without being too flashy.

Brace yourself to be pampered with a luxurious finger nails treatment. Our beauty treatment done by professional therapists. Your therapist will clean your fingers and fingernails to get rid of all the cuticles and hangnails.

Nail Polish hand / Feet (115K/person)

Beautify your finger nails with our colorful nail polish. Your therapist will color your nails with v... View More Enquire Now

Facial Treatment

A deep cleansing facial treatment for both men and women. The treatment start with cleansing your face continued with peeling cream to remove the dead skin. The next step would be massaging the face to give relaxation to the face. This beauty treatment proven to prevent an anti aging process, reduce the appearance of acne and wrinkled. This treatment enhance by the using of fruits and honey combinations and refreshes your face.

Traditional Facial (400K/person)

A deep cleansing facial treatment for both men and women. The treatment start with cleansing your face con... View More Enquire Now